18.09.2020 | Category : Products

Combined open-jaw & ring ratchet spanner no. 17 – but not as you know it.

The combined open-jaw & ring ratchet spanner No 17 – now available with immediate effect in additional sizes – but also as a slim, that is, flat version, No 17F.

Excellent – when good gets even better.

The no. 17 Open-Ratch combined open-jaw & ring ratchet spanner is now also available in 21, 22 and 24 mm. The integrated ratchet with a double hexagon for clockwise or anticlockwise use has a working angle of 5°. The chrome-plated surface with the rounded STAHLWILLE finish provides sufficient grip even with dirty hands.

And the best thing is the tool is now also available as no. 17F in sizes from 8-24 mm as a flat version.

The key distinguishing features at a glance:

  • Ring end is 15° offset
  • Switchable

  • Flat side of the ring
  • Not switchable (but reversible, turn over to change)

Both ring ratchet spanners (17 and 17F) are available in a convenient set in a robust roll-up wallet - or in individual sizes.

Strong and extremely tough.

There are many spanners available. But hardly any that are as well thought out as STAHLWILLE spanners. The non-slip finish means all our spanners fit comfortably in the hand, even when used for long periods of time and when higher forces are applied.

Lighter. The thumb groove along the spanner handle eliminates material where there is no stress and concentrates it where it is needed. Similar to the principle of an H-beam in construction, extreme load-bearing capacity and maximum flexural strength are achieved with lower weight.

More precise. Our very tight manufacturing tolerances and reproducible dimensional accuracy ensure that one STAHLWILLE spanner is as close-fitting as the next. In this way, both open-jaw and ring spanners will always firmly hug the fastener head – for excellent power-lock.