12.05.2021 | Category : Products

The new tool trolley TTS 93/6A

Leaves no questions unanswered !

The TTS 93/6A tool trolley is the new entry-level model in the series and features excellent functionality, is well equipped and has an attractive design. At STAHLWILLE, we do not make compromises. That is why our latest Tool Trolley model - the TTS 93/6A - includes so many features from the tried-and-tested TTS series.

Central locking with a
cylinder lock and fold-down key.
It is not possible to pull out more
than one drawer at a time,
making them, in effect, topple-proof.
High static load capacity of up to 
500 kg. The buttom drawer has
a load capacity of up to 45 kg!

Oil and add acid resistant, smooth-
running wheels (Ø 125 mm)
with carpet protection to prevent
ingress of dirt and fibres into bearings,
with two parking brakes.
All drawers can be extended 100%.
Use of STAHLWILLE's standard TCS
inlays or the variable drawer
dividers ensure easy tool
selection and removal.


The TTS 93/6A tool trolley is offered by STAHLWILLE both empty and with a comprehensive tool set for industry and automotive. The tool set is intended to provide an initial set of equipment. The set includes sockets, ratcheting bit-holder with a set of bits, screwdrivers, pliers, ratchets and more.

TTS 93/6A incl. 120 pcs tool set

Basic set for industry and automotive
– with Tool Control System TCS, 120 pcs tool set. 

Comprehensive tool set, including:

  • 1/4" and 1/2" sockets (5-32 mm), ratchets + accessories
  • ratcheting bit-holder and comprehensive bit box 
  • combination spanners (6–24 mm),
  • ratchet combination spanners (8–19 mm)
  • screwdrivers, hexagon and Torx key wrenches
  • various pliers, hammer, chisels, pin punches etc.